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About Us

WanderFonder started ​in 2015 when we found ourselves struggling with our new reality. Our kids had very different emotional needs, there was working mom guilt, stay at home dad isolation, chronic pain issues, unhealthy eating patterns, and the changing dynamics within our marriage. From the outside everything looked fine, but on the inside something was clearly missing, and we knew we weren't alone in feeling this way.

What emerged from this challenging time was our family's mission to encourage people to live with a focus on health and wellness and to take advantage of the wonders of travel. We wanted to help people journey through life more deliberately and as better versions of themselves - healthier, less stressed, and with stronger relationships. 

To Wander, Fonder


Over time, our vision emerged as an aspiration to create a connected community of people sharing the same desire to infuse their days with joy, to use the benefits of wellness to achieve their best health, and sharing these valuable skills with their families, in turn creating a path for the next generation.

Our mission is to be the best health and wellness coaches we can be, and share a variety of useful resources to reach parents at all stages of their life in search of balance, purpose, joy, connection, relaxation, energy, and vigor; all the good things life rewards you with when you're paying attention.


Think about that big, gooey hug you got when you picked up your toddler after being apart for awhile. That's how we want you to feel every day.

We're in the midst of that journey. We understand what it's like to have competing priorities, hectic schedules, and sometimes feel like we could use a parenting do-over.


We're not perfect and we're always learning.

By  choosing health and wellness, we've changed our health for the better, our family life is stronger, and we've had the courage to do things we never thought possible. We're a family that continues to grow together. We choose to put the good stuff in - good food, good thoughts, good listening, and good hugs - and we get the great stuff in return. 

We set our life path by the compass of wellness.


Join us!

Inspired By Trying New Things

New places, new cultures, new foods, new ideas, new meaning, more together, more growth, more love.

What Inspires You? What Have You Always Wanted to Try?


Sequoia National Park


Grandfather Mountain




Whitewater Rafting


Peyto Lake






Paragliding Wengen Switzerland


Arches National Park


Jungfrau Switzerland


Jasper Canada


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