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WanderFonder Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness Coaching

We'll guide you to the health, happiness, and family wellness that you and your family deserve

You've made it. You have the job, the family, the home, and maybe even a pet. On the outside you're all set, but on the inside you're wanting something to be a little better
That nagging voice is you trying to align your current life with your fundamental values.

With our coaching we'll take you from where you are now to who you want to be and how you want to live. If the path isn't clear, we have the experience to help you discover your way and the support to help you take each step.

With Coaching You Can

Find Your Path

Improve Your Health

Strengthen Your Connections

Do you want to:

Achieve balance in your life

Reduce your stress

Spend quality time with family and friends

Why it Works

This is your transformation aligning your values and your goals.

We believe that you will be most successful if you have someone who truly listens to you, someone who helps you change for your own reasons and on your own terms.

You will prioritize what matters most to you for your health and wellness and then we'll go deeper to identify and address the root cause of why you're stuck. You will activate your growth mindset by creating plans and experience breakthroughs on your way to achieving your goals, often by unlocking previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and motivation. This can create an upward spiral of wellness for you, your family, and more.


Your journey awaits.

Why it Works

We Use Science Proven, Research Based Techniques


Learn to rewire your thoughts and reshape your life.

Positive Psychology

Cultivate what is best within yourself.

Cognitive Health

Choose to nourish your brain and boost your mood.

Motivational Interviewing

Create behavior change through internal motivation.

Meet Your Coaches

WanderFonder Coaching

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Physician • Teacher • Parents

We’re honored and excited to share your journey with you and look forward to helping you reach your goals and fuel your adventures.

Meet Your Coaches


As a certified health and wellness coach, athletic coach, teacher, and lifelong adventurer, I am full of encouragement and knowledge to help guide you on your health and wellness journey. Using what I learned about wellness, I am overcoming my own challenges with chronic pain. I spent over over a decade as a stay at home parent and can identify with someone who is struggling to rework their identity and how they view themselves, whether professionally, physically, emotionally or socially. I'm here for you to empower you to take on your challenges and will provide the support you need through it all. 



My goals is to support moms in pursuing their passions so they feel fulfilled in their careers and have a work-life harmony that allows them to invest lots of love and energy into their families and get the most joy and happiness out of life. As an Emergency Physician*, I use the principles of wellness in my own life on a regular basis. My goal for coaching is to step outside my physician role of decision-maker and empower you to make the choices that work in your life as you create a path for your desired future and wellbeing.

*I will not provide medical or mental health advice, diagnosis, treatment, or medications.



Learn more about the coaching process, what to expect, and how to get the most out of coaching.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the best health and wellness coaches we can be, and share a variety of useful resources to reach parents at all stages of their life in search of balance, purpose, joy, connection, relaxation, energy, and vigor; all the good things life rewards you with when you're paying attention.

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