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Due to the worldwide pandemic, please check for destination travel restrictions prior to visiting/booking

Picturesque architecture, a rich history and a beautiful river make Ghent a great place to visit. We questioned whether to stay in Bruges or Ghent and were happy we chose Ghent. 


  • See the lights of the town reflecting on the river at night

  • Walk the cobblestone side streets for a quiet escape from the heart of the tourist area along the river.

Worth the Money

  • Kayak along the Leie river

  • Take a boat tour for a multi-lingual orientation to the town filled with interesting historical facts.

  • Eat a Belgian Waffle. We tried several, they are even sold in the vending machines! The reported best in town is Max's, but we thought Jack's House was better although quite overpriced.

  • Eat Belgian Chocoalte. We sampled form 5 different artisan shops and our favorite was Yuzu Chocolage Shop.

  • Tour the Gravensteen Castle. The audio tour is slightly inappropriate for children with innuendos. There are a few areas lacking railings so keep an eye on the kids.

  • Eat at MeMe Gusta - great local food. We started with prawns and bread served with pork grease, followed by beef stew, vegetable stew, sausage and potatoes and tomato soup, with traditional frites for the table and ending with cream puffs, ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Tips for Visiting

  • You need cash for the grocery store

  • There is frequent public transportation but the town is very walkable, just don’t wear heels.

  • Watch for tourist traps - pricing is sometimes not listed and varies significantly by location.

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