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Munich is the capital of the German state of Bavaria and has a bustling city old town that was a little less upscale, but reminiscent of Vienna.  Towering Christian cathedrals, quaint squares, alleyways, and shops and restaurants dominate the old town. Outside of old town, Munich is a modern day city with all the pluses and minuses associated with that. If you like Oktoberfest, beer gardens, and lederhosen then this city is for you!


  • Glockenspiel (new town hall). Immense gothic building with 260’ animated clock town which commemorates celebratory events of a wedding and a second tier of animation representing the coopers dance which was meant to represent perseverance in the face of the plague.

  • St. Peter’s Church. Ornately painted ceiling and beautiful church overall. There seem to be services all morning each day, so visit later in the day if you want to take photos.

  • Viktualienmarkt. Munich’s oldest and biggest farmers market. Sample local cherries, grab and a brat and a beer, or chow down on a huge pretzel.

  • Residenz. Tour through ten courtyards with green space, beautiful gardens, and architectural eye candy. Not to mention some chocolate shops! 

  • Englischer Garten.  Massive green space larger than Central Park in NYC with a fantastic vibe. Joggers, bikers, picnickers, and sunbathers were everywhere along with people playing frisbee, futbol, and letting their dogs run free provided lots of entertainment while we played cards under a shade tree along the Eisbach river.  Waterfalls, people floating by on the current, and even surfers made this quite an enjoyable experience.

  • Eisbachwelle. A continuous on the Eisbach River at the south end of the Englischer Garten where you will be entertained by surfers taking turns doing tricks.

  • Asamkirche. This boroque masterpiece is a 1700s church known for its lavish, baroque interior swathed in gold leaf, frescoes & stucco.

Worth the Money

  • Get a birds eye view of town. You can climb four flights of stairs and then take an elevator to the top of the Old Town Tower (4 euro adults/1 euro children), or climb 299 steps to the top of St. Peter’s tower (3 euro adults/1 euro children).

Tips for Visiting

  • Eat at Siggis Vegan Restaurant. Where we got our veggie on and the kids ate vegan schnitzel. Also wonderful was Max Pett, a vegan place with a killer carrot soup and veggie ratatouille.

  • There is only one grocery store open Sundays, nights and holidays and it is a zoo during those times. It may be hard to find with google maps because it is underground in the subway corridor with a whole world of people coming, going and shopping.

  • If you are watching the Glockenspiel, the knight falls on the second round so keep an eye out or a camera ready.

  • You can get a great view of the Glockenspiel show from St. Peter’s tower, so if you choose the stairs route, plan to be up at 11:00am, 12:00 noon or 5:00pm.

  • This is a very walkable city from one end of old town to the other, including the English Gardens.

  • There are free bathrooms in public museums.

  • Keep some euros in your pocket for souvenirs and the market.

  • According to fellow travelers, parking fees are astronomical, when you can find a spot.

  • You can float down the river in the English Garden, so bring a swimsuit, or not, it’s Europe - they seem to be optional! Be sure to scout out your entrance and exit strategy.

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