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Due to the worldwide pandemic, please check for destination travel restrictions prior to visiting/booking

Prague is a city rich in beauty and history. The brilliantly delightful eye candy architecture of Prague was evident the moment we stepped off the train. This city has all the quintessence of old world charm you could ask for, yet is a vibrant party town filled with weddings, young partiers and captivated tourists.


  • Walk the Charles Bridge both day and night. Incredible views of old town, statues showing the prominence of the Christian faith in the Czech Republic, and fantastic street performers.

  • Visit Prague Castle. It is an enormous city within a city with cathedrals, palaces, squares, the Wallenstein Garden:, and complete with Buckingham Palace styled guards

  • Look inside Saint Vitas Cathedral. Massive and most religiously important cathedral in the Czech Republic, found within the grounds of Prague Castle.

  • Stop in to see Saint Nicholas Cathedral with stunning painted ceilings.

  • See the Astronomical clock in action with it’s animated ringing in of each hour.

  • Visit the Wallenstein Garden on the grounds of the Czech senate. Look for a little door a few blocks after crossing to the west side Manes Bridge that leads you to ponds, paths, gardens, and peacocks!

  • Visit Letna Park. Walking paths, multiple playgrounds, famous giant metronome, and fabulous views of the city and the Vitava River. This is a great place for a sunset view.

Worth the Money

  • Attend at concert at Prague Castle. Many different types and times of performances are available. Visit the booking office in the city center for details.

Tips for Visiting

  • Eat at Lokal. We enjoyed a traditional Czech meal.  Girls had crepe styled pancakes with creme and berries and we ordered two traditional holiday dishes one chicken and one braised beef… were surprised to be served only a slab of meat with each meal… plant based folks just can’t catch a break around here!

  • Try the local Trdelnik a traditional pastry (at least traditionally served to tourists!). Trdelnik is for tourists, check and compare prices before buying, look to buy around 60 KC + cost of ice cream, Nutella, whipped cream, etc.

  • Stop into Pernickuv Sen - stands for the ginger bread man’s dream where we got, well, you should be able to guess…

  • The local transit is inexpensive and runs regularly but it is easy to get around on foot.

  • The crowds on Charles Bridge are unreal, even at night. The best time to see it is early in the morning.

  • There were long lines to get into the Jewish Cemetery so either buy tickets in advance (available several places) or go early.

  • There were also long lines to get into St. Vitus Cathedral around noon, but they were gone by mid afternoon, this is hit or miss, your best bet is to go early.

  • We did not need cash for anything we bought - tickets, groceries, souvenirs, restaurants but there were plenty of ATMs and places to exchange cash throughout town.

  • The streets and sidewalks are all cobblestone/tiled so don’t wear high heels and keep this in mind if planning a bike or segway tour. There were plenty of people hauling luggage around, that looked uncomfortable too.

  • They encourage feeding the birds by the bridge, so if you want to make quick friends of the swans and pigeons bring bread, oatmeal, lettuce or the like.

  • Děkuji (thank you in Czech- dyekooyi), but I sure tried. It wasn’t necessary to use a translator app or learn the language. The people we did say thank you to in Czech seemed to appreciate it.

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