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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Health and Wellness Coaching?

Health and wellness coaching is a partnership that helps you build healthy habits and live a better quality of life by using the evidence-based techniques of positive psychology and behavior change theories to overcome the barriers between you and your goals.

2. Why Health and Wellness Coaching?

Regardless of your goals, coaching is a reliable, safe space and sounding board that helps you to create a place to love and care for yourself. You will learn how to do the following:

  • Develop a wellness plan (body, mind, life satisfaction) that is chosen by you and tailored to your health needs and lifestyle.

  • Let go of harmful habits that are getting in your way of health and happiness.

  • Explore and address changes in all dimensions of your wellness so you can live a healthier lifestyle.

  • Build your confidence by focusing on your strengths and opportunities.

  • Identify your challenges and find solutions to overcome them.

  • Connect your wellbeing to your values and vision so you can sustain lasting change.


3. What Are Example Health and Wellness Goals?​

  • Stress Management

  • Better Physical Fitness

  • Enhanced Nutrition

  • Financial Fitness

  • ​Personal Growth

  • Emotional Balance

  • Closer Relationships

  • And more!

4. What Are Sessions Like?​

Type of Session: Phone or video sessions that provide 1:1 positive psychology-based health and wellness coaching to guide you in identifying and action planning that will address your top concerns or opportunities for greater health and wellbeing.

First Visit: During your first  session we’ll review your health and wellness goals, the Getting Started Questionnaire, and work together to make a personal wellness vision, and set realistic and measurable goals. We’ll explore your strengths, challenges, and key resources you need to reach your goals.

Follow-up Visits: In subsequent sessions, we'll review your goals, explore and resolve your challenges, create new opportunities to grow ,and build on your strengths. You will have the opportunity to discuss any topic you’d like and set new goals for your next meeting.

5. How Do I Get The Most From Coaching?​

Creating lasting behavioral change is a process that takes time. For this reason, we typically recommend for a minimum of 3 months. The frequency of coaching depends on your unique needs and goals. Generally, more frequent sessions support a more intensive change process and often faster results. Keep in mind that the coaching agenda is client-generated and coach-supported, so your participation is essential, and will be the driving force for change and growth. It is helpful if you come to each session with reflections, successes, and challenges to discuss.  

6. Will I receive mental or physical health advice? What about financial advice?​

You will not be receiving any professional advice, diagnosis, prescriptions, or treatment. Even though Kelly is a doctor, she is not your doctor. Please consult with your professional advisors and care providers prior to making any changes. You can review our agreement here.

7. How Do I Get Started with the Coaching Process?​

Once you decide that coaching is for you, the steps to follow are listed below:  

WanderFonder Coaching Start Up Timeline
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