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Family Walking

A healthy, happy family starts with you. 

Our Health & Wellness Coaching will help you create healthy habits so you can have greater fitness, more energy, less stress, and stronger family connections.

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Our "Your Way" Promise


As a parent, you're amazing! You love your children fiercely and get them safely from morning to bedtime each day. Your vision of you and your family's ideal health and wellness is uniquely yours, as are your reasons for change.

As a team of a Certified Coach and Physician, we're your Health & Wellness Experts. We will empower you to reach your health and wellness goals so you can be the person, parent, and family you want to be, in a way that works for you.

We're also parents, we get it - we make messes, disrupt our schedule, and even eat brownies and brats sometimes. So, no judgements, only a journey together for a better future.


Health & Wellness Coaching is a journey of self discovery that will empower you to uncover your motivations, align your goals with your values, and move you forward confidently toward a healthier, happier life and family.

If you're interested in making a changes in your life, and want to achieve more in less time, then having your own personal coach is for you!

How Coaching Works

Get Started on Your Own

Not ready for an encouraging, judgement-free, accountability partner? We'll be right here whenever you are ready to be coached.

In the mean time, start a free challenge or take our free Health & Wellness Assessment to get started on your Health & Wellness Journey.

Free Health & Wellness Assessment

Free Health & Wellness Challenges


A Few of Our Favorite Things

We're way more than coaches; as avid travelers and lovers of all things outdoors, parents, a health professional and a teacher, we want to share things with you that add health and joy to our lives.


Plant Based

Kid tested, parent approved


Tips & Ideas

Europe, National Parks, and more



for your health & wellness journey



for your health & wellness journey


About the Bees

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