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Ways to make your island getaway to





Due to the worldwide pandemic, please check for destination travel restrictions prior to visiting/booking

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To Do

  • Stay somewhere cool. We have stayed at Sandals Ocho Rios, Couples Negril, an absolute favorite, Tensing Pen in Negril, and rented a house with other couples in Montego Bay. The convenience of the all inclusive resorts is amazing - food and drink around the clock, excursion and activities and nightly entertainment. Tensing Pen is a boutique hotel of little huts with beautiful views and privacy.

  • Swim with Dolphins at Dolphin Cove in Montego Bay. The kids loved swimming with the dolphins almost as much as the adults did. It appeared that the dolphins were well cared for. Try to be the first group there for the best experience. You can also touch sting rays and see other animals while there. The photos cost way more than the experience but it's all worth it. Book a week in advance if you can - you may get a discount!

  • Go snorkeling. Most resorts and beaches have fish to see at the very least. Doctor's Cave Beach in Negril was recommended as a place to go snorkeling. They did have more fish and coral than the place we were staying but the beach was VERY crowded and we didn't stay long after we finished snorkeling.

  • Experience Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios. This is definitely a tourist trap but the experience is still thrilling to climb up a waterfall as it pours down on and around you. Some areas are slippery requiring the assistance of the guides or others. Do not wear jewelry or rings or bring anything you can't part with.

  • Visit Rick's Cafe in Negril to watch spectacular cliff jumping. Join in if you want! Admission is free to watch. It's also a great place to watch the sunset.

  • Eat at Root's Cafe in Negril for authentic Jamaican cuisine or at Ras Rody's in Negril for a special organic, vegan Jamaican cuisine treat.

  • Visit Seven Mile Beach in Negril. Although it is only 4 miles long and populated by several all inclusive resorts, anyone is welcome to enjoy the views and the surf. You will find people advertising parasailing and tubing rides. Give it a try!

  • Visit the Luminous Lagoon. Visiting a bioluminescence beach is a bucket list item for us. We have not yet done this but hope to do it someday.

Tips for Visiting

  • Consider getting a Club Mobay ticket. This is particularly beneficial during busy travel days like Saturdays. It is like a fast pass, getting you through the short line at customs and someone to help make sure your paperwork is filled out properly and a lounge with snacks, free drinks and clean bathrooms at the end.

  • We have not had problems drinking tap water or drinks with ice in them at any of the hotels, resorts or restaurants we have been to.

  • You can use US dollars, just don't expect US change or a good exchange rate.

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