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Ways to make your island getaway to

Oak Island

Oak Island



Due to the worldwide pandemic, please check for destination travel restrictions prior to visiting/booking

This relaxed island is less touristy than many other coastal islands in the Carolinas. Come here for some relaxing family time at the beach.

To Do

  • Visit Oak Island Lighthouse near Caswell Beach. The grounds are free and for a small fee you can go up the steps for a beautiful view.

  • Swim at Caswell Beach. This beach has two public beach access areas on a four mile stretch of beach.

  • Water Sports. Whether you body surf, boogie board, kayak, paddle board, jet ski, or fish you can find rentals or bring your own.

  • Check out Wilmington. Just 45 minutes from Oak Island, this beach town has been a family favorite for years. It is very walkable, has great shopping, dining, a beautiful riverwalk and even a battleship!

  • Explore at the Oak Island Nature Center. There is a Talking Trees Walking Trail, a fossil exhibit, a floating dock and so much more.

  • Eat Ice Cream. Our favorite was from Lil and John’s Sweetreat Ice Cream Parlor.

  • Go biking. There are rentals or you can bring your own. The place we stayed had bikes for our use. Ride along Beach Drive or to the grocery store to pick up fresh supplies for dinner.

  • Eat Seafood. It was recommended we go to Island Way for excelleng dining, but with little ones we chose Turtle Island Restaurant and were not diappointed. 

Tips for Visiting

  • The water in late summer is incredibly warm which makes it easy to spend all day at the beach.

  • Pay attention to rip current warnings.

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