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Hello Moms!

It's time to finally

Overcome Burnout


Love Life More

As an Emergency Physician, wife, and mother who had perfected perfectionism and added a plus to Type A personality, I burned waaaaay out. Through a journey of simple changes, I've moved beyond that stress and overwhelm and I know you can too!

You can do this:

  • Even if you feel like you don't have time for anything more.

  • Even if you feel defeated and on autopilot like so many other burned out moms I've worked with.

  • Even if you think you can't have it all or can't imagine a life where you're not exhausted all the time.

  • And even if you've already tried meditation, yoga, self-help books, workshops, and nothing else has worked.

Kelly's Coaching

Does this sound like you?


Maybe you’ve finally achieved your “dream job” but you’re still not happy and you’re not sure you can do this for the next 5, 10, or 15 years.

Dreading Work

Maybe you wake up in the morning and as soon as you open your eyes, you start to dread going to work.


Maybe you just want to love your job again and be reinvigorated in your work but a small piece of you is worried it will never happen.

If you're not where you want to be in your life and you're craving more time, more energy, more presence for your family and relationships and you want more joy out of life,

you're in the right place.

It's time to

Break up with Burnout

...and guess what? It's not the job, it really is about you! 

The same qualities that got you to where you are now are sending you straight into burnout:

You're a well-liked

high achieving