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Hello Moms!

It's time to finally

Overcome Burnout


Love Life More

As an Emergency Physician, wife, and mother who had perfected perfectionism and added a plus to Type A personality, I burned waaaaay out. Through a journey of simple changes, I've moved beyond that stress and overwhelm and I know you can too!



Kelly's Coaching

Does this sound like you?


Maybe you’ve finally achieved your “dream job” but you’re still not happy and you’re not sure you can do this for the next 5, 10, or 15 years.

Dreading Work

Maybe you wake up in the morning and as soon as you open your eyes, you start to dread going to work.


Maybe you just want to love your job again and be reinvigorated in your work but a small piece of you is worried it will never happen.

Wouldn't you rather be happy and fulfilled at work, relaxed at home, and have the energy to be present and playful with your family?

Conquer Burnout

Would you like to...

jamming in the car
relaxed mom
Happy mom

Jump out of bed, before your alarm feeling well-rested and energized, ready to snuggle your kids awake and take part in the crazy fun chaos that gets everyone out the door in the morning?

Drive into work jamming to your favorite music, excited instead of anxious about the day ahead?

End your days guilt-free on the couch with your feet up, enjoying a quiet evening with your tea and a favorite book?

...without totally exploding your current life? 

Hi, I'm Kelly

I know how overwhelming it can be to pursue your dream career and raise a family. You want to be the one who tucks your kids in at night, puts delicious meals on the table, and shows your children that their dreams can come true by succeeding in a career that makes you happy.

As hard as it is to imagine, there is a path from where you are now to that amazing career mom you want to be, and I can show you the way.

As a full-time Emergency Physician with two young girls, I understand you. I've found myself in the parking lot at work contemplating the fallout of not going in. I've carried the guilt of missed performances, soccer games, and bedtime stories.


After twenty years in the ER, there is nothing you can tell me that shocks me. I've seen worse, I've heard worse, I've smelled worse, I've looked worse, and I will never judge anyone else's decisions.

I am also a Certified Life Coach and I'm passionate about supporting moms so they can share their talents and have the impact they want on the world. Burnout is REAL, but it doesn't have to be your storyI've overcome burnout and helped others just like you navigate the tough path of being a professional mom while raising happy, healthy kids and I'd love to help you do it, too. I know you can do this and if I'm the right coach for you, I'll be right with you every step of the way, and cheering you on long after our journey together is complete.

To get started, choose a power session or my full signature program to fully conquer your burnout and create the work-life balance you desire.

Power Session

The Burnout Quick Fix Power Session

Are you ready to feel more confident and energized?

Maybe you come home from work and you're deciding whether to do laundry, make dinner, or do last night's dishes when you really want to be deciding between reading your new book or running a bubble bath for yourself.

bubble bath
read a book

Or you wake up excited for your day off and your plans go out the window when the dog poops in the house, your daughter misses the bus, your work inbox has exploded. You don't want to feel upset, but wonder how you'll ever get your "me time" back.

kid late for school

Do you have a hard time making decisions, or end up feeling guilty when you choose to skip sculpting Play-Doh with your son when your Screen-Time report suggests you had plenty of spare time?

sad boy
burned out mom

It’s time for you to take the Burnout Quick Fix Power Session and understand exactly why:

You feel stressed and unfulfilled even though you’ve been doing, doing, doing, all day long.

Some parts of your job feel energizing, but others leave you feeling 
completely drained.

You struggle to prioritize where your time (and money) is spent.

You’ll have answers and a specific plan for how to use your values to transform a wasted or stressful part of your day into a cherished routine that will be your calm among the chaos, something you can count on every day to bring more satisfaction and confidence and less guilt and regret about how you spend your time...all in under an hour.


The Burnout Quick-Fix Power Session?


The first step on your journey to work-life harmony and conquering burnout?


In 45 minutes I can show you how to use your values to boost your happiness and reduce your stress EVERY DAY at work and at home.

A 3-page report of your well-being assessment, with a few simple, easy-to-implement improvements you can make today to feel less stressed and more renewed.

A tailored-for-you list of your core values, designed to help you make better happiness decisions every day.

A personalized plan to help you create a pocket of time that brings you joy and boosts your energy every day so you don't feel unhappy, unfulfilled, and exhausted all the time. All you have to do is follow the plan!

Take the steps to make a change today!

step one Kelly Carter coaching



Step 2 Kelly Carter Coaching



step 3 kelly carter coaching



Choose to make a change and click the button below to set up your Power Session.

Complete the assessment to discover a new way to infuse joy into your day and feel less stress in your life.

Together we'll create an action plan and you'll feel energized and happier at work and at home!

What they're saying...

"My Burnout Quick Fix Power Session with Kelly was fantastic! Her assessments really got me thinking about what is actually important to me, and my new awareness of what my values actually are was enlightening. In just 45 minutes, Kelly and I were able to work through ways that I can be more intentional with my time and make decisions that honor my values. Highly recommend!"   -Anne B. 

There's more

Signature Program

Imagine for a minute

What would be different in your life if you weren’t overwhelmed and burned out, if you loved your work and had fun at home?

Seriously, think about it.

Let's totally transform your life and finally conquer burnout.

Kelly Carter Coaching: Create Your Vision

Signature Program:
The Conquer Burnout 4-Step Method

01: Create Your Vision

We’ll develop a clear picture of who you are and what your ideal home life and career need to look like. Imagine driving into work jamming to your favorite music and excited about the day ahead instead of secretly wishing you could turn around and go home. We’ll identify where you are now, highlight what is (and what isn’t) working well, and find out what truly matters to you and brings you joy. You’ll have a clear, compelling vision you can get excited about.


02: Master Your Mindset

It’s time to conquer what’s stopping you from getting to where you want to be - that little voice in your head that creeps into your thoughts and drains the momentum right out of you. Maybe you hesitate instead of sharing your ideas in the meeting because of your self-doubt or spend all evening cleaning the basement because you’re procrastinating about calling your mom. You will learn how to recognize and replace these thoughts and habits that are holding you back and wasting your time and energy. You’ll believe in yourself and feel more confident in taking action and making changes.


Kelly Carter Coaching: Master Your Mindset
Kelly Carter Coaching: Bridge the gap

03: Bridge The Gap

Let’s start taking steps towards the life you envision. We’ll apply a simple tool so you can consistently move forward in ways aligned with your values and goals and lock in lasting changes to prevent burnout from reoccurring. How many times have you started an exercise plan and then found yourself saying “yes” to sitting on the couch and watching a movie instead of getting bundled up for a family nature walk? You’ll discover ways to keep yourself from slipping into old habits and choosing easy over right. You will have clear priorities and an inspiring, realistic plan you can stick with without feeling overwhelmed or guilty.


04: Solidify Your Plan

We’ll assess what’s working and what continues to be challenging as you leave burnout behind. Maybe you thought yoga was for you, but after a few weeks, you changed your mind. That’s okay! We’ll refine your plan so it works for you. We’ll create contingencies for any obstacles so you can confidently make choices that maintain your new habits and build the ideal home life and career you pictured for yourself and your family. You will breathe easier knowing you have truly conquered burnout and put a solid plan in place to be happy at work, relaxed at home, and have the energy you need to be present and playful with your family.


Kelly Carter Coaching: Solidify Your Plan

Live the life you choose for yourself.

What would it feel like if you followed this plan and found true enjoyment at work, if you felt like you had joyful, quality time with your family, and if you prioritized yourself?

What would it feel like a year from now if nothing changed?

12 week Conquer Burnout Total Transformation


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