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Arches National Park

Arches National Park



Due to the worldwide pandemic, please check for destination travel restrictions prior to visiting/booking

The name doesn't give the full story to this park. There is so much more to see than just the towering arches.

Delicate Arch

3.0 mi RT, the trail head is at Wolfe Ranch.

If going when the weather is hot, go in the morning. If weather is not an issue, the lighting from the sun would be better in the afternoon/evening. Sunset here is crowded by report. There is no shade, it is a steep hike and then a brief area with a pretty significant drop off to one side. The views were definitely worth going, rather than viewing the arch from the more distant viewpoint.  You can hike down to the arch and take your picture inside the arch.

Double Arch

0.5 mi RT

This turned out to be a family favorite.  It was a very short hike with the option to climb around in the arch  The trail head is at the Windows parking area.  Also accessible from this area is the Parade of Elephants, the windows and several other arches.

Sand Dune Arch

0.4 mile RT

A short, shaded hike to a secluded arch among fins of rock.

4x4 Tour

We spent half a day in Arches on a 4x4 tour seeing part of the park many people miss (for good reason - the roads are rough). We came in the north west entrance to Arches along Salt Valley Road. There, we stopped to see dinosaur footprints before continuing on to the Devil's Garden Area. We also viewed the geologic formations called fins, the precursors to arches. From the 4x4 we saw balanced rock and the north and south windows, the three gossips, the penguins and the courthouse towers.

Landscape Arch

1.5 mi RT

This hike was relatively easy, on a well traveled and well maintained trail. The trail offers several spur trails to other arches as well. The trailhead is located in the Devil's Garden area. The arch itself is the longest in the world. You are not allowed to get very close anymore since a 180 ton block fell from it in 1991.

Balanced Rock

0.3 mi

A partially paved loop trail at the base of a rock formation that seems impossible to balance.

The Windows

1 mi RT

This hike starts at a crowded parking area. The trail is gravel and stone steps and takes you to the massive North Window, South Window, and Turret Arch.

Peace Tree Cafe

We found a great restaurant in Moab - Peace Tree Cafe.  We ate there for dinner and then breakfast the next day. Try the amazing coconut french toast!

Additional Tips

  • Be careful with the heat.  There is a lot to see but don't go anywhere without water, no matter how short the hike is.

  • We stayed at the KOA in Moab when we visited Canyonlands and Arches.  It was very nice to have air conditioning in this heat!  The KOA had individual bathrooms and showers.

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