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Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park



Due to the worldwide pandemic, please check for destination travel restrictions prior to visiting/booking

Despite its name, Bryce Canyon is not a canyon, but an ampitheater filled with red, orange and white hoodoos.

Rim Trail

The entire 5.5 mile Rim Trail runs along the rim of the Bryce Canyon ampitheater. It starts from Fairyland Point and goes to Bryce Point with several steep elevation changes. A 0.5 mile section between Sunrise Point and Sunset Point is paved and flat, with stunning views.

Navajo-Queens Garden Loop

3.5mi RT

We chose to hike the Navajo loop trail down from Sunset Point. This hike started with a steep switchback descent (and Thor's Hammer) and then wandered through amazing rock formations down in the ampitheater. At the four way intersection we continued along the Queens Garden Loop Trail. There is a short spur trail to see the Queen Victoria rock formation. Then we continued up toward Sunrise Point. Here we saw some of the most beautiful views of our visit.  Then we took the Rim Trail back to Sunset Point. These trails are all visible from the viewpoints above, making the hike that much more interesting.

Hike the Hoodoos

Hiking the Hoodoos is a scavenger hunt that requires at least 3 miles of hiking. To complete the challenge, you take rubbings or photos of yourself at the benchmarks. When you collect three, you take them to the ranger station for your prize. We found our first two on the Navajo-Queens Garden Loop and our third on the Mossy Cave Trail.

Stay in a TeePee at Ruby's Campground

This was really fun for the kids and more spacious than our tent.  It turned out to not be as hot as we were worried about.  The campground itself had free showers, coin laundry and a little convenience store.  A trolley/train came by and we rode it for fun, but it would take you to the pool (which you could also walk to), the hotel and the rodeo and cowboy dinner across the street.

Bristlecone Loop

1 mi

The Bristlecone Loop trail hikes you through the very old pine trees (up to 1,800 yrs old), the highest peak in the park at over 9,100 feet, and gives an amazing panoramic view of the Grand Escalante Staircase. It is found at the end of the scenic drive by Rainbow Point.

Mossy Cave

0.9 mi RT

To get to this hike you have to leave the park and go in another entrance but it is worth the drive. The cave was interesting to see, particularly the pictures of what it looks like in the winter. This hike travels across a bridge, up a steep hill and then branches to the cave or to the waterfall. We recommend going to both. You can walk up by the waterfall and put your feet in the very cold, refreshing water.

Sunset at Imperial Point

We asked several people and rangers where the best sunset was and this was the recommended place.  We arrived about an hour before sunset and watched as the colors of the sky and rocks changed for sunset.

Ride the Shuttle

The free shuttle service runs about every 15-20 minutes from mid-April to mid-September, depending on the time of day. Be sure to check the schedule for updates. The ease of riding the shuttle made this park accessible without the headache of finding parking.

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