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Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park



Due to the worldwide pandemic, please check for destination travel restrictions prior to visiting/booking

West Thumb Geyser Basin​

0.6 mile boardwalk trail

This easy walk takes you by colorful hot springs and dormant lakeshore geysers with beautiful views of Yellowstone Lake

Mystic Falls Hike

3.5 mile loop

This trail starts in the Biscuit Basin with beautiful hot springs including Sapphire Pool.  It hikes to Mystic Falls along the Firehole River and then hikes to a beautiful overlook of Biscuit Basin.  There were several times that we weren't sure we were on the right trail but people walking the other direction assured us we were.  This hike was a family favorite and not very crowded.

Grand Prismatic

Need I saw more? We visited early in the morning to avoid crowds but ended up with misty views.  It was amazing to see regardless of the steam.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Sadly they had dried up quite a bit since our last visit but the eerie moonscape is still awe-inspiring.

Upper Geyser Basin

1.5 mile flat, easy trail to see many colorful hot springs and geysers including Morning Glory

Artist Point to Lily Pond Lake to Clear Lake Loop.

4 mi RT, not flat but not overly strenuous

This trail starts with beautiful canyon views and was moderatley crowded. We eventually turned in toward the forest and then we were alone.  We passed Lily Pond Lake and then through a moonscape with bubbling mud pots. We passed Clear Lake, a pretty lake that was quite secluded. The beauty of this trail continued in a majestic meadow of fragrant wildflowers. We hiked to Uncle Tom's Trail all the way to the Lower Falls before hiking along the rim back to Artist Point.

Old Faithful Geyser

get there early and sit in front, definitely worth the wait

Yellowstone Lake and the Lake Visitor Center.

We found a nice little isthmus of gravel to walk out by the Lake and skip rocks. There was a nice ranger program at a pavilion overlooking the lake at the Visitor Center. This also made for a nice place to wade in the water.

Additional Tips

  • When the park map says 12 miles takes 45 minutes, that is probably the truth and budget even more time midday.

  • We stayed at Canyon Campground. This was a large campground but we never felt crowded. We weren't sure where to put our tent at our site so we put it right on top of the hill and it worked out great.  The light from the bathroom was just enough that we could get around at night without our headlamps.  We used the hand dryers in the bathroom to warm our clothes every morning before getting dressed because we had some chilly mornings at this site!

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