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Eight Tips to Combat Burnout Today

This may be an unpopular opinion, yet I believe that burnout is NOT just a company or workplace problem.

I know that there are steps you can take to combat burnout, even the burnout coming from workplace stressors that seem out of your control.

I'll give you 8 steps to use today (or your next workday) to fight burnout at work.

Disclaimer: I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for medical or mental illness with my online content. My views are my own and are not associated or representative of my employer(s). This blog is for educational purposes only and not medical advice.

Happy at work

I listed common workplace causes of burnout in a recent blog post:

  • Lack of control over your work conditions

  • Lack of recognition for your good work

  • Unclear or overly demanding job expectations

  • Doing work that’s monotonous or doesn’t challenge you

  • Time pressure

  • Chaotic workplace

  • Lack of alignment of values (around mission, purpose, and compensation) between you and your leadership

Let's choose the top three workplace issues that contribute to burnout:

Lack of control over your work conditions

Okay, I get this, I work in the ER. It is chaotic, loud, often smells bad, and is never consistent. Think to yourself, what do I have control over? Do you have control over your desk space? The photos hung around you? The temperature in your area? The music you listen to? What can you make better for yourself?

Tip #1: Find one thing to declutter

Tip #2: Find one way to add a personal touch

Tip #3: Find one way to make it more comfortable

Lack of recognition for your good work

How often do you recognize others for their good work? How can you foster a culture of recognition?

Tip #4: For the next week, send a short email at the end of your workday thanking one person for something they did to make your day a little better.

  • "Thanks for making coffee this morning, I needed a caffeine boost more than I realized!"

  • Thanks for coming to the meeting a little early, it's nice to see a smiling face before I give a presentation."

  • "Thanks for the summary email, I would have missed (point) without it."

Tip #5:Submit a word of thanks to a company newsletter

Tip #6: Create a time during weekly/monthly meetings to recognize someone for a job well done

Tip #7: Thank someone in person while at work, preferably in front of others/their supervisor

Unclear or overly demanding job expectations

Where is the miscommunication that leads to this? Right now, what is unclear about the expectations for this current project? What do you think is overly demanding? What one item can you identify as an issue? Now, what is holding you back from clarifying or adjusting expectations? No, what really is holding you back? W

What's the worst thing that can happen if you ask for clarification? On a scale of 0-10, how likely will that actually happen? What's the best thing that could happen? On a scale of 0-10, how likely will that happen? Okay, now you're ready to open the lines of communication for this one item!

Tip #8: Identify one item that is not clear today and ask one person a clarifying question


Are you interested in coaching to help you with burnout? I have a program a program for you! I work side by side with other moms and healthcare professionals to help calm the chaos in their minds and lives to overcome the overwhelm and conquer burnout.

My program gives you an organized, step-by-step process, an accountability partner (me!), and lots of self-care tips and self-learning activities to help you change those feelings of overwhelm and stress into joyful and intentional living – with more time, energy, success, confidence, mindfulness, and overall well-being.


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