Helping overwhelmed parents balance their health, home life, and career so they have the time and energy to play and build the connected home life they desire.


Hello Parents!

Create a home life you don't need a break from.

Does this ever sound like you?


You have time that you're with your family, but you're doing so much and have so many other things on your mind that you go to bed at night feeling like you missed them all day.

Stressed Out

Some parts of your life seem to be going well but others seem completely out of control, you want to make a change but what? how? and where are you going to find the time? 


You want to teach your kids all those important life lessons like how to make healthy choices and diffuse conflict peacefully, but you know you're not setting a very good example.

What if things were different?
Wouldn't you rather...

  • Have more time so you can do more of what you love (do you remember those things called hobbies?)

  • Sit together over a healthy meal with your family and ask them about their day without being attached to a device or having their eyes glued to their latest Netflix show.

  • Enjoy your daughter’s basketball game on the weekend and not feel like weekends are meant for catching up on your to-do list.

  • Lay down in bed at night and smile because you absolutely love your days and you feel in control of your life, your tense and sore shoulders are gone with all the stress you used to carry and you're looking forward to what tomorrow brings.  

​Whatever it is for you, whatever your ‘why’ is, we have the tools and experience to help you get there. 

Matt and Kelly

Matt & Kelly


We're Matt & Kelly, an outdoor adventure loving couple wearing many hats - we're parents, a physician, a teacher, a certified health & wellness coach, and business owners. Most importantly, we share a passion for helping parents take control of their day and prioritize what matters most in their lives by intentionally living their values, investing in their health, and deepening their connections with others.

Years ago we were on the hamster wheel to old age, lost to the daily grind and feeling unhealthy, discouraged, and unfulfilled. 


Since then we've taken up a plant based diet, are way more fun and present as parents, and have managed to take control of our days and create a life that works for us and our family.


The best part is that we actually take the time to do the things we love. We've hiked to mountain tops and played enough euchre that our kids beat us more often than not.

We would love to help you create your perfect life too…


If what you're doing now isn't working, it's time to try something new.

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Pick Your Program

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Meet Your Coaches

Kelly Carter


My goals is to support moms in pursuing their passions so they feel fulfilled in their careers and have a work-life harmony that allows them to invest lots of love and energy into their families and get the most joy and happiness out of life. As an Emergency Physician* and Certified Life Coach, I use the principles of wellness in my own life on a regular basis. My goal for coaching is to step outside my physician role of decision-maker and empower you to make the choices that work in your life as you create a path for your desired future and wellbeing.

*I will not provide medical or mental health advice, diagnosis, treatment, or medications.


As a certified health and wellness coach, athletic coach, teacher, and lifelong adventurer, I am full of encouragement and knowledge to help guide you on your health and wellness journey. Using what I learned about wellness, I am overcoming my own challenges with chronic pain. I spent over over a decade as a stay at home parent and can identify with someone who is struggling to rework their identity and how they view themselves, whether professionally, physically, emotionally or socially. I'm here for you to empower you to take on your challenges and will provide the support you need through it all. 

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Matt Turner

What They're Saying...

Jaime C.

I highly recommend giving a Power Session a hour just might change your life!

Ruth K.

Kelly's ability to focus on what the Client is saying enables her to ask empower questions

Anne B.

Her assessments really got me thinking about what is actually important to me...Highly recommend!
Kelly's Life Coach Certification
Matt's Life Coach Certification

A Few of Our Favorite Things

We're way more than coaches; as avid travelers and lovers of all things outdoors and wellness enthusiasts, we want to share things with you that add health and joy to our lives.


Plant Based

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