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Be the Change


WanderFonder Community

Join the movement of improvement.

Let the bees inspire you to do something good for yourself, your family, your community, or the world. Follow the bees on Instagram, find/make a bee and join us - don't forget to tag @wanderfonderbees so we can add your post and our page!


Follow the bees!

Zermatt WanderFonder

The Bee Backstory

On our travels to Europe, we received a rock to spread love on our journey in honor of a small child who died young from a rare disease. She was a constant reminder to take joy in our family and our opportunities. Her story is at Rubys Travelling Rocks.


When we wanted something to help symbolize our journey to "Be the Change," a rock painted like a bee was a perfect fit. We hope that our bees can bring you as much happiness and intention as our Ruby's Rock did for us. 

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." – Buddha

Giving Back

The WanderFonder Coaches pledge to  volunteer an hour of time in our community for everyone who signs up for a signature coaching program. Sign up today and we'll send you the story of what we did to make a difference in your honor.

Email us or submit this form  with your hours volunteered or a description of your dollars donated and we'll add it to the tally and the list of favorite causes. Don't forget to email a photo (with your bee if you have one) and we'll add it to the bee's Instagram page, or post it on your page and tag us: @wanderfonderbees.





Hours Volunteered





Dollars Donated

WanderFonder Serving the Community
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