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Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park



Due to the worldwide pandemic, please check for destination travel restrictions prior to visiting/booking

Acadia National Park is a small park (~47,000 acres) that sees over 3 million visitors per year. We lucked out with beautiful weather and no crowds the week before Memorial Day. Plan to start early in the day if you go during peak season. Be sure to set aside time to enjoy a stroll around Bar Harbor as well.

Gorham Mountain Trail

2mi round trip

Great water views and an opportunity to scramble on a few rocks made this our family's favorite hike in the park. It was relatively easy with only 500 feet of elevation gain. We definitely recommend the Cadillac Cliffs Spur Trail on the way up!

Jordan Pond Loop

3.5mi loop

You can go for a few feet or the full 3.5 mile easy loop for beautiful views including the famous "Bubbles." This is a great hike if you forgot to make reservations and are waiting on a table for your tea and popovers at the Jordan Pond House.

Thunder Hole

Thunder hole is best heard about 2 hours before high tide. We missed it during our visit but we hear it's supposed to be great!

Popovers at the Jordan Pond House

This seems to be the thing to do, and you won't be disappointed by the flaky, warm, sweet popovers. Be sure to get reservations and give yourself plenty of time to find parking. This is a very popular place to be. If the weather is nice, try to sit outside. 

Cadillac Mountain Summit Loop

This hike is more like a stroll from your parking spot but offers beautiful views.

Wonderland Hike

1mi round trip

This hike is on the less crowded western side of Mount Desert Island but on the less-crowded western side. It is an easy hike through a pine forest out to the Atlantic shore. We found lots of interesting sea creatures in the tide pools that are visible at low tide. You can see the Bass Harbor Lighthouse while visiting this hike (you can't go in but it is pretty to see).

Sand Beach

Sand Beach offers a nice sandy area to play even when the water is too cold for a swim.

Bar Harbor

For about 6 hours, a land bridge makes it possible to cross from Bar Harbor to Bar Island. Be very careful with your timing so you don't get stranded on the island, check the tide tables and plan to return before the halway point between low and high tide. There are pictures at the crossing of cars stuck in the water to remind you of the dangers of rising water.

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