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Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park



Due to the worldwide pandemic, please check for destination travel restrictions prior to visiting/booking

Hidden Lake Overlook Hike

2.7 mi RT to the overlook

This hike soon became the family's favorite hike.  It started off with a lot of snow, and since it was already getting warm the snow was slippery.  There were flat areas of trail with beautiful views all around and then another push through the snow before eventually getting up to the overlook.  The beauty was more in the hike than the overlook.  The kids took turns sliding down the snow bank on the way back.

Grinnell Lake Boat Tour

This Boat Tour started at the Many Glacier Hotel and took us across Swiftcurrent Lake. From there we walked a quarter of a mile to another shuttle boat that took us across Josephine Lake. Then we had a two mile RT hike to Grinnell Lake including a neat suspension bridge over Cataract Creek and a short spur trail to Hidden Falls. Grinnell Lake was the one of the coldest lakes we waded in, almost unbearable. From the view on the lake you could see Salamander Glacier. This was a really enjoyable tour and hike.

Red Rock Falls Hike

4.2 mi RT

This hike starts at the Many Glacier Campground, Swiftcurrent Pass Trailhead. It travels through forests and beautiful bear grass. We took a quick detour to Fishercap Lake and then came to Red Rock Lake. There was a nice area to stop and enjoy the view and skip a few rocks. The falls were visible across the lake. We hiked on to the Falls and then continued up the trail to get to the top of the falls for panoramic views and a nice spot for lunch.  

Red Bus Tour

Learning the history of the park and letting someone else drive so everyone could enjoy the views made for a great afternoon.

Sun Point to Baring Falls

We stopped for lunch at beautiful Sun Point and decided we wanted to cool our feet in a waterfall so we took the short hike to Baring Falls.  Since we were excited to meet up with the grandparents we didn't continue on to St. Mary's Falls but that is a possibility.

St. Mary Falls and Virginia Falls

3.6 mi RT from St. Mary Falls Parking Area

This relatively flat hike to St. Mary Falls was beautiful with wildflowers and aquamarine water. The falls itself was thunderous and picturesque with the bridge. We saw rainbows in the mist on the trip out but the light was different on the way back and they were gone. We continued on to Virginia Falls and it was definitely worth it. This towering falls has a trail right up to the base where you can get drenched in mist. There is a steep section to get up to Virginia Falls.

Canoe on Swiftcurrent Lake

You can rent canoes at the Many Glacier Hotel for a peaceful paddle and a chance to see a Moose or other wildlife. The Many Glacier Hotel also had a great breakfast buffet including almond milk and a wonderful oatmeal and toppings station.

Stay at the West Glacier KOA

Whoa! The nicest KOA or campground we have ever stayed at. Amazing pools, playground, luxury bathrooms and cabin set-ups that were nicer than our home. It certainly wasn't as nice as if we had been able to stay at the Many Glacier Hotel overlooking Swiftcurrent Lake but we highly recommend it. We also spent four nights at the East Glacier KOA. It was fine. The grandparents stayed at the Motor Inn which was incredibly cute.

Additional Tips

  • Bring trekking poles with snow baskets

  • There are plans to re-do the road from East Glacier to Many Glacier.  This 12 mile road takes 45 minutes to an hour to travel and is full of pot holes and free range cattle.  When they close the road, the beautiful Many Glacier Hotel will be inaccessible.  I wouldn't plan a trip to Glacier without being able to experience that part of the park.

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