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Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park



Due to the worldwide pandemic, please check for destination travel restrictions prior to visiting/booking

Mormon Row

Mormon Row is famous for its views and the Moulton Barn.  I found these horses to be more beautiful in one of the most picturesque parks on the trip.

Snake River Overlook

My photo on the left with the famous Ansel Adams photo on the right. The trees have grown up a little and the parking lot overlook wasn't very elevated, making the view not as spectacular as it had been in his day.

Sunrise at Oxbow Bend

Thsi was our favorite place to see the sunrise. Along the side of the road by Jackson Lake was also beautiful.

Float or raft trip down the Snake River

When we first arrived in Jackson, we took a float trip down the Snake River. It was supposed to be raft trip but the water level was too high to take the kids on so they switched it to a peaceful float trip. We enjoyed the variety of wildlife and the history the guide provided. The kids even had a chance to swim alongside the raft. Years ago us adults did a raft trip adn would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to paddle and doesn't mind getting wet.

Schwabacher Landing

1.8 mi RT

This trail is a relatively flat out and back offering beautiful views of the Mountains.

Sunset at Signal Mountain

I asked several park employees and rangers where to catch a sunset. This is where they recommended. This photo was down a short trail full of mosquitos! Definitely not a place to hang out and watch the sunset, but nice views.

Playing in the Lakes

Jenny Lake and Jackson Lake are beatiful for splashing around on a hot day.

Jenny Lake Loop and Inspiration Point

7.6 mi Loop

This is a moderate hike, partly due to the distance. For the majority of the hike you are walking along the shoreline of Jenny Lake.  There is a side trip up to Inspiration Point that is worth the view. There is an option to take the ferry to and/or from the West Shore Boat Dock which takes you within one mile of Inspiration Point.

Additional Tips:

  • Bring bug spray and try to get off the road on foot for better vantage points of the beautiful scenery.

  • Years ago we camped at the Jenny Lake Campground and would recommend that campground as well.

  • Eat at Lotus in Jackson Hole - Their food was excellent with more options than I expected for an organic/clean eating kind of restaurant described as "a wellness center disguised as a restaurant".  Desserts were also very good - raw chocolate lava cake and a variety of cookies.

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