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Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park



Due to the worldwide pandemic, please check for destination travel restrictions prior to visiting/booking

You will be amazed by the size of the trees in this park. Giant doesn't begin to describe it! Go ahead, give a tree a hug to wrap your mind around the enormous size of these amazing trees. The elevation keeps the temperature cooler and the road to King's Canyon was closed due to snow when we visited in April.

The Giant Forest and General Sherman Tree

1 mile round trip, 200 ft elevation change

If you don’t mind a few steps, this is an easy family ‘must do’ hike. It’s a half mile hike through the amazing Giant Forest. We found the journey through the forest as rewarding as seeing the General Sherman Tree itself. The General Sherman Tree is the largest tree by volume in the world.

Moro Rock

0.5 miles round trip, 300 ft elevation gain

This is a short steep hike with steps and guard rails to the top of a large granite dome. The views at the top are worth the the steep summit hike on a clear day. Go early in the morning for best visibility.

The Giant Forest Museum

Before you start hiking, check out the Giant Forest Museum with the large Sentinel Tree just outside.  This was a great introduction to the park.  It also had a large parking lot if you are worried you might come across crowds.

Tunnel Log

The Tunnel Log is a great place for a photo. It is located along Crescent Meadow Road in the Giant Forest. Make sure your vehicle isn't over 8 feet tall.

Grant Grove Area and General Grant Tree

1/3 mile loop

Another easily walkable trail to see giant, historical trees.  This path is paved and requires very little exertion for a great payoff.

Tokopah Falls

4.2 mile round trip, 630 feet elevation change

This is a longer hike, and unlike the others is unpaved and has some patches with rocky terrain, so pull out your hiking poles and high ankled hiking boots. The cascading waterfall is worth getting off the beaten path and with a large parking lot at the origin, you’re likely to be able to find a parking spot on most days.

Stay at the John Muir Lodge

We stayed at the John Muir Lodge.  The price was expensive for the tiny room that barely had enough room for our suitcases, but the common area with puzzles, a fireplace, and friendly people made it worth the stay.  The location was great too!  There weren't many other lodging options close to Sequoia.

Ranger Program

Join a ranger walk, demonstration, talk or evening program to learn more about the parks. These programs are free and open to the public. If you're staying in a campground, you can visit the ampitheater for a campfire program. 

Cell service is limited in the park. You can find free public WiFi at the visitor centers.

Not all areas of the park are open year round, check with the visitor center on road conditions. During winter you may be required to have tire chains.

Properly store all food as there are black bears in the park. They are very smart and can break into cars.

Weather can change rapidly and it is cooler at higher elevations so bring layers on any hikes.

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